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Hello, we are a local business based in Brighton & Hove. We have supplied seasoned logs and firewood in bulk bags and net bags to the Sussex area since 2005. We offer free local delivery of both cubic meter bulk bags of seasoned logs and generous net bags of smaller logs suitable for woodburners & open fires. We always aim for friendly, quick deliveries to your door.


'Sitting next to a lovely roaring fire, thanks guys! Whole thing was very smooth and will be coming back'.  Mr Morris. Brighton

'Dear Log Centre,
Please could I order a bulk bag of standard logs for log burners.
Thank you for the last delivery - they were great'. Lesley, Brighton

We wanted to supply a product that is reliable and consistent, so we sell all our fire wood in fully filled bulk bags or 'builders bags' at a set size - and not in vague 'half loads' or 'a van full'. The weight of our bags varies but is around half a ton. Please have a look at our: Firewood for sale
We also sell convenient smaller 'net' bags for those people with less access and space. Note: These bags are not like the net bags commonly found at garages! They contain high quality long burning hardwoods and are seasoned. Please see: Net bags for sale

We get all our woods from strictly sustainable and local sources such as woodland management areas and tree surgery cuttings so you can be confident that our wood-fuel isn't causing environmental damage. 

Seasoning wood for firewood is vital for efficient burning, so we always endevour to season our wood for at least one year. 

Note: The only real expection to this is Ash wood, which is one of the few woods that will happily burn 'green' or fresh felled. (Even then our Ash is seasoned anyway).



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